M12A Real-Time & Retrospective ECG Monitoring Algorithms

Flexible across remote monitoring applications, a real-time ECG monitoring algorithm for clinical decision support such as mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) and the Retrospective Algorithm for continuous long-term recordings such as extended Holter monitoring.

The Global Instrumentation M12A Enterprise Software Platform ECG Monitoring Algorithms use advanced signal processing and analytics to provide highly accurate QRS detection, interval measurements, and rhythm interpretation for up to 3 channels of captured ECG data.

The algorithm performs continuous analysis of the ECG data. The analysis processing consists of the following components:

  • Signal Conditioning
  • QRS Detection
  • Beat Classification and Clustering
  • R to R Measurement
  • Heart Rate Calculation
  • Asystole, Ventricular Tachycardia, and Ventricular Fibrillation Detection

The Retrospective Algorithm contains the same element listed above as well as:

  • Extensible Form clustering
  • HRV Time Domain
  • Automatic AFIB detection
  • Various Trended patterns

By accurately interpreting the ECG waveform, the algorithm can be deployed in medical diagnostic systems to assist health care professionals assess patient cardiac status. The algorithms are designed to enable deployment in diverse platforms including cloud-based and remote mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) services. The Real-Time Algorithm is also lightweight enough to embed in body-worn patch sensors.


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