M12R L ECG Recorder

Proven across years of research use, the Global Instrumentation family of ECG recorders provide the highest quality of ECG data. All devices seamlessly integrate with the M12A Enterprise Software Platform and offer BlueTooth™ connectivity for fast and efficient recorder set-up an initialization.

Simple & Powerful Recorder for Resting ECG

The M12R L is a portable and wireless 12-lead ECG data acquisition recorder that pairs with the M12A Enterprise Software Platform to provide efficient digital centralization of ECG screening and safety study data.

  • All data is stored and transmitted in full-fidelity with sample rate of up to 500 samples per second with ultra-high resolution of 0.5 microvolts.
  • Bi-directional communication via Bluetooth™ provides fast verification of patient hook-up and provides real-time data transmission to PCs and Android-based mobile devices.
  • Data collected by the M12R L can be easily centralized on a PC or server.
  • Digital capture and report generation eliminates time consuming and inefficient scanning of paper ECG reports produced by cart ECG devices.


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