Global Instrumentation, LLC ("GI") provides customized cardiac diagnostic and monitoring solutions to clinical researchers, cardiac monitoring service providers, and medical technology developers seeking precision ECG data collection and flexible data management tools. Through our proven research, design, and innovation capabilities, we partner closely with our customers to help enable the delivery of better healthcare.


A Powerful New ECG Sensor that Complements the M12A Enterprise Software Platform

The small form-factor and long-duration recording capability of the M5 Recorder enables patient-friendly ECG data collection in the ambulatory and home environments. Working in tandem with the robust M12A Enterprise Software Platform software analytics and data management system, we can truly deliver on our mission to Measure, Monitor, Analyze, Report...Anytime, Anywhere.”


Clinical Researchers

We work with leading contract research organizations (CROs) and core lab companies to streamline the process of collecting and analyzing screening and safety ECG data. Our solutions have been used in thousands of clinical trials across the globe.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring Providers

Remote cardiac monitoring providers can leverage our best-in-class ECG analysis and reporting tools for a custom cloud-based solution.

Medtech OEMs

Global Instrumentation partners with medical technology OEMs to cost-effectively design, develop, and supply innovative and novel cardiac sensors and software.

M12R M12RL M5 Oscar 2 M12A


The M12A Clinical Research Platform integrates, manages, and streamlines the flow of ECG & ABP data, enabling faster data delivery, distribution, and analysis. The scalable system provides investigators & trial managers with a single unified system of devices and data management tools for all cardiac safety tests in Phase 1-5 trials.

M12A Enterprise Software Platform - The M12A Enterprise Software provides a suite of data acquisition, management, and analysis modules for deployment in a distributed cloud environment. The M12A Enterprise Software delivers the full required capability for clinical research studies to facilitate efficient data collection, execute precision data analytics, and provide secure data storage and communication of ECG and blood pressure data. The M12A is easily scalable to support multiple studies across global geographies.

M12R Holter & ECG Recorder - A simultaneous real-time 12-lead ECG recorder and long-term Holter monitor which can perform all ECG data acquisition processes required for state-of-the-art ECG research and cardiac safety applications.

M12R L ECG Recorder - The M12R Lite is a portable 12-lead ECG data acquisition recorder that pairs via BlueTooth with the M12A Enterprise Software to provide efficient digital centralization of ECG screening and safety study data.

M5 Wearable ECG Recorder - The M5 Wearable ECG Recorder is an ultra-compact ambulatory ECG recorder capable of storing up to 21 days of data. Designed for patient convenience and discretion – wear while showering and under clothing. Ideal for ambulatory/home data collection in later phase studies.

Oscar 2 - The Oscar 2 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor is the gold standard in 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).


Experience how Global Instrumentation enables the faster delivery, distribution, and analysis of ECG and ambulatory blood pressure data.