Global Instrumentation was founded in 2002 by 3 principals with over 110 years experience in developing medical products. We have offices located in Syracuse New York, Florida and Mumbai India. Global Instrumentation designs, manufactures, and supports a suite of medical products. We have provided design and consulting services on various medical products that are currently sold worldwide.

This experience has provided us with the ability to rapidly develop products with high quality. Global Instrumentation has created a collection of software and hardware modules that can be integrated into new products with minimum amount of effort. These modules are currently being used in multiple products we sell direct as well as offer through an OEM relationship. These modules can be individually licensed to perspective users. With these modules Global Instrumentation has the ability to develop new products to the specific customer requirements without having to "reinvent the wheel".

We have extensive experience working with customers of numerous miniature, and network enabled, monitoring products. As a result of this Global Instrumentation understands the end user’s requirements for quality monitoring products.