Cardiac/Clinical Research Ambulatory 12 lead ECG System


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The M12 Ambulatory ECG system cardiac RESEARCH TOOLKIT  provides the ECG clinical researcher with the maximum amount of features and capability for the lowest possible cost. The M12 RESEARCH TOOLKIT provides "stand alone" ambulatory ECG data recorders and analysis software for use by cardiac and clinical researchers worldwide. This system utilizes the same core technologies used by the University of Rochester’s Telemetry & Holter ECG Warehouse (THEW) system.  The RESEARCH TOOLKIT uses an "OPEN ARCHITECTURE" design which enables researchers to customize the system for their unique application requirements.


The M12 RESEARCH TOOLKIT enables independent cardiac/clinical researchers to acquire and analyze research quality 12 lead ambulatory ECG data and/or 3 channel ECG Holter data in the most cost effective manner possible.


The M12 RESEARCH TOOLKIT introductory pricing (limited time offer only) is $6995 for the 12 lead ECG recorder version and $5995 for the 3 channel ECG recorder version. Order Now


M12R - ECG Recorder

M12A - Holter Analysis System

The M12 RESEARCH TOOLKIT includes:


·        One research quality ambulatory ECG recorder (choice of 12 lead M12R ambulatory ECG recorder or 3 channel M3R recorder)


·        M12A Office Holter analysis software package, enabling a standard PC system to be used as a high end ECG research system. 


·        Plug-in application programming interface (API).   The plug-in API enables the  development and utilization of custom tools. The "OPEN ARCHITECTURE" of the system enables researchers to develop custom analytic software modules that can interfaced to the M12 analysis software. Through the plug-in API, software review and analysis add-ons can be created by researchers and third party software developers and used to add custom ECG review and analysis algorithms for each Cardiac/Clinical researcher’s specific requirements. 


·        Software modules to enable import and export of ISHNE and FDA XML ECG data formats.


The toolkit is compatible with Global Instrumentation’s M12 series of  ambulatory ECG data acquisition and analysis products.  Options are available to enable full network access of data, including remote site support.


The M12 RESEARCH TOOLKIT provides the most cost effective and flexible high-end ECG research tool available in the market.  For a minimal cost you can obtain a flexible ECG data acquisition and analysis system that fully meets your ECG clinical/research requirements without compromises. Refer to the M12R, M3R, and M12A product data sheets for detailed specification information.